It's been a while...

So it's the last day of May 2016. I haven't posted anything on here for 2 years, and I've only updated/added a few links recently - work & research (but mainly work) keep getting in the way.. Still, people are still finding this useful, so I'll keep it going and adding as and when I can. Any queries or questions, or suggestions, please mail me at




20,000 visitors

July 2014 - the site has now been up for 2 years. This time last year, it had had 6000 visitors, one year later and another 14,0000 have had a look - which suggests the site is helping people it's supposed to. So, I'll keep adding the odd site here and there when I have time.

Thanks for visiting.


The summer has rolled on and it appears more people are discovering the site - traffic is steadily increasing now that schools, colleges & universities are returning. I have also discovered how to duplicate links between lists - this means sites/docs on one list should now cross-referenced with other relevant lists - particularly on the Black Freedom pages.

If anyone wants sites/docs on a specific relevant subject, do request via the forum - I will remove any posts/links people put up without doing so.

Keep reading & sharing the site.

6000 visitors, new categories

The site has now been up for about a year and has been visited by over 6000 people. If you like it,do come back. If you think something is missing, get in touch.

I've tweaked some categories - the big 1945-79 folder is now split in two - mainly for ease of access. I have also added a folder exploring sex & gender - questions of sexulity, suffrage and gender through the 19th & 20th centuries.

Missing something? Let me know.

New categories

I've now started to add some new categories to the site, providing links to pages/sources on the civil war, slavery, and the growing sectional tensions of the 19th century. These will added to in the usual ad hoc way. As for the rest of the site, recent links include some useful videos and further attempts to build the 80s & 90s links, still a bit thin, so do pass on any suggestions. As ever, please link and share the site as much as you can.

New mobile access design (!)

Not the most thrilling title for a blog entry. Still, as of now, those of you who want to view the site on a mobile, or iPad, or other tablet will be able to choose a layout that better suits the device. At least that's what the blurb claims. Any problems, use the original or write a comment.

Aside from that, keep using the site and do pass on the link to anyone you think might find it useful.

and happy new year!

Late November

As predicted, my ability to manage the site has slowed somewhat as term has continued and teaching, marking and other responsibilities pile up.  Still, I've started to build the neglected post-1980 section and have added some more material to the videos section. 

The number of visitors is slowly crawling toward 2,000 - which isn't bad. Still, if you think the site is useful, don't keep it to yourself, pass it on!


As those of you who have checked into the site regularly may have noticed, I have slowed down the addition of new sites.  This is due to my own work commitments: teaching, admin and pastoral responsibilities at work.  Still, since I last wrote,I've tried to fill in some of the more obvious gaps, finding material, for eample, on the Red Scare, or Cold War foreign policy, or progressive reform. I still think a combination of sites and key documents works bestand am, as ever, open to suggestions.