1000+ visitors

It's amazing what a bit of advertising can do.  As of last Monday, the site was taking lots of time, but had only been viewed by about 30 people and my dog.  After a message via H-Amstuds, this all changed, and I received a number of very nice messages from people all over the planet thanking me for the site.  As I failed to reply to most, let me just say thanks for your thanks here, it is much appreciated.  For all the flaws of the internet, imagined or real, it does have massive potential to help share knowledge and much of it is wonderfully conceived and freely offered, it seems wrong not to share.  If you run an American studies/history organisation or website and want it put up, do get in touch.

On a related point, some people have been in touch asking for civil war/antebellum content, or for a list addressing different areas - such as scientific history.  Once I'm vaguely happy with the twentieth century directories - where my knowledge is strongest - I will start to build 'back' through the civil war and before.  Equally, if you have a set of links for a particular theme/issue not covered, send me an email and possible links and I'll create a folder.

Oh, and thanks to Rebecca Roberts for posting a message on the forum on behalf of the JAS.  if anyone else wants to post adverts/links for journals, organisations and conferences, feel free to do so.

My own term begins this week, so the time available to sort out the site will gradually diminish, but I hope to continue building over the coming months.