Day One...again

A few years ago, as an Amerian History postgrad at Sussex University, I set about building a page of useful web resources for teaching.  As I was teaching at different institutions across the country it made sense to build my own site independent of a university, so I could continue to use it, even if I changed jobs.  Further, a general site, not affected by a password, could be open to anyone else to use.

The first version of this site began in the early noughties as a webpage built on a Microsoft Spaces account with that purpose.  First as a general US history page, then an African-American History page, then a pre-1870 page. These did well, popping up on links sites for schools and colleges and being of use in my teaching.  But then Microsoft deemed Spaces 'old hat', and killed all the sites using it - offering a blog service instead.  At which point I found Google appeared to offer the same directory builder, so I built the whole thing again, only for that to be shut down too - no demand again!  So this, with my v. limited knowledge of websites, html and all that, is attempt number 3.  I shall add a few bits at a time over the coming weeks & months whenever I have a spare moment.  If you teach at school or university, do please share it around and or pass it on. And if you want sites added, let me know at